OpenAI’s ChatGPT has received a lot of attention for its potential for misuse and threat, but the cyber security sector can also benefit greatly from the artificial intelligence chatbot.

ChatGPT, which went live in November 2022, has been hailed as innovative. Users communicate with it through prompts, and it is constructed as part of the GPT-3 family of large-scale language models from OpenAI.

Many articles have explained how ChatGPT’s capabilities can be exploited for malicious purposes, such as sending convincing phishing emails and developing malware.

Several cybersecurity firms have recently announced that they are using or plan to use ChatGPT, and several researchers have discovered useful use cases for the chatbot.

One of the first companies to disclose ChatGPT integration, specifically GPT-3, within its platform was cloud security provider Orca. The objective is to improve the cloud security risk remediation methods offered to clients.

Orca said, “We have been able to improve the detail and accuracy of our repair procedures by fine-tuning these sophisticated language models with our own security data sets, offering you a far better remediation plan and enabling you to best cure the issue as quickly as possible.”
Kubernetes security provider Armo has integrated ChatGPT’s generative AI into its platform (OPA) to make it simpler for customers to establish security rules based on Open Policy Agent.

In order to create the custom controls that customers desire using natural language, Armo Custom Controls pre-trains ChatGPT with security and compliance Regos and additional context. As a result, the user receives the finished OPA rule created by ChatGPT, as well as a description of the rule in natural language and a suggestion for how to repair the failing control quickly, easily, and without having to learn a new language, the company claimed.

ChatGPT for Cybersecurity

With its LogPoint SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) service in a lab context, Logpoint recently announced a ChatGPT integration.

According to the business, customers may now study the possibilities of integrating SOAR playbooks with ChatGPT in cybersecurity thanks to the new ChatGPT integration for Logpoint SOAR.

AlertEnterprise, a software provider specializing in converging cyber-physical security, has recently launched a chatbot powered by ChatGPT. This chatbot enables users to quickly obtain information on a range of topics, including door reader analytics, visitor management, identity access management, physical access, and security and safety reports. Customers can ask the chatbot questions such as “How many new employee badges were issued last month?” and “Can you show me when employee training for restricted area access expires?” to name a few.
Accenture Security has examined the ability of ChatGPT to automate some cyber defence-related processes.

Coro and Trellix, two cyber security firms, are now looking into the idea of integrating ChatGPT into their products.
The outcomes of tests that certain members of the cyber security community ran utilizing ChatGPT have been shared. For instance, training company HackerSploit demonstrated how to use it to find software flaws and how to utilize it for penetration testing.


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