Managed Detection and Response services provide businesses with access to advanced technology and security professionals specializing in threat hunting, analysis, and response. As a result, organizations are relieved from performing complicated and vital security activities.

Chief Information Security Officers working for companies of all sizes, notably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), realize that the threat environment and how we handle cyber security will never again be the same in a world that will exist after 2020.

Because of factors such as an increase in the number of sophisticated attacks, a heavy reliance on the cloud, limited budgets, and a growing skills gap, it is becoming fundamental to render the services of an MDR to support security operations.

In addition, there are several other reasons why including an MDR service in your security plan may deliver outstanding value. These arguments are so compelling that even the individuals within your business who are working to save costs cannot reject their validity.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you, as a Chief Information Security Officer or Security Lead of a small to medium-sized enterprise should consider looking for an MDR provider:

1. Get time back by letting someone else handle alert monitoring for your organization’s environment with Managed Detection and Response

Attacks on computer networks may happen anytime and especially on holidays. Your staff will be able to relax knowing that highly trained security professionals are vigil and standing by to react to any suspicious behaviour. MDR services often include alert monitoring available around the clock, ensuring that no potential threats are missed even during off-hours.

2. Gain access to tools and methods that are not available inside your organization.

MDR providers analyze possible dangers on your behalf using security methods and strategies that are very accurate and continually updated. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be concerned about any product patches or upgrades.

3. Get in-depth expertise and the most recent threat information without making a single hire.

Your security capabilities are enhanced by the provider’s seasoned professionals in detection and remediation. They keep up to date on the most recent attack patterns and methods. In addition to their responsibilities in detection and response, the provider may assist with questions and even provide remedial suggestions.

4. Take action to eliminate risks before they may damage your organization.

It is essential to identify the malicious file as soon as it enters your environment (for example, malware embedded in a file emailed to you or deliberately introduced by a network insider). Once identified, the forensics must be investigated, and the threat must be eliminated as soon as possible. Your MDR provider may develop automated remediation playbooks to isolate and remove the threat, including detecting any lateral movement or child processes initiated by the malware. These playbooks can also remove the threat.

5. Achieve a higher level of command over your reaction plan with Managed Detection and Response

It’s not always obvious what the most effective method to react to a situation is. You will have access to their expertise and guidance when working with an MDR service provider, whether you are working closely with them during an event or letting them take the lead.

6. Increase your sense of safety by actively looking for potentially dangerous situations.

Particularly sophisticated assaults may fool even defences that are very well-executed at times. Some MDR providers provide comprehensive hunting capabilities that can be used to scan an organization’s network for malicious files and other threats that have not yet been remedied.

7. Fight against the scarcity of employees and the loss of intellectual capacity.

Even if you have the financial resources to expand your security staff, there is a reasonable probability that you have had trouble filling new jobs. It is a problem that organizations all across the globe are struggling with, and there is no solution in sight. To your relief, your MDR supplier can close any security holes, whether they are temporary or permanent. You no longer have to worry about training a revolving door of analysts who take the institutional knowledge of their previous employers with them every time they leave.

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