Cybersecurity Attacks

Cybersecurity attacks are any form of malicious activity that targets IT systems, or the people using them, to gain unauthorized access to the systems and the data or information they contain. In most cases, cyber-attackers are criminals looking to exploit the attack for financial gain. In other cases, the aim is to disrupt operations by disabling access to IT systems, or in some cases directly damaging physical equipment. The latter type of attack is commonly state-backed and carried out by state actors, or cybercriminals in their employ.

Cybersecurity attacks can be targeted at specific organizations or individuals, or they can be broadcast in nature and impact on multiple organizations regionally and globally. Often targeted attacks jump from their intended victims to become more general problems for all organizations. The NotPetya global infestation in June 2017 was likely a side effect of a targeted attack on Ukrainian banks and utilities by state actors. It had the intended impact on Ukraine, but it also spread globally and caused approximately $10 billion in costs to recover IT systems and in lost productivity according to articles covering the clean-up.

Cybersecurity Attacks: This is the message that our CTO, Dan Duran, is trying to get across after municipalities, governments, and companies continue to get hacked.

“We see this happening over and over again. We have Black Friday and Christmas coming up and this is the time when the bad guys start gearing up with phishing emails,” Dan states. He continues by saying “cybersecurity is not just a thing! left at the office. It’s an everyday thing. It happens at home, or when you are traveling. So companies and individuals need to be aware of the risk,” he continues.

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Dan Duran and his team at Rhyno Cybersecurity help protect businesses from Cyberattacks via secure cloud solutions and Cybersecurity awareness employee training.