Cybersecurity is an Investment, just look at the Red Numbers you NEED to avoid.

Cybersecurity Investment has increased. Ransomware researchers estimate that the average ransom demand increased by 33% since Q4 2019 to approximately $148,700 CAD in Q1 2020 due to the impact of targeted ransomware operations. At the more extreme end of the spectrum are multi-million-dollar ransom events, which have become increasingly common. In October 2019, a Canadian insurance company paid $1.3 million CAD to recover 20 servers and 1,000 workstations. In addition, we assess that it is likely that state-sponsored cyber threat actors will use ransomware to obfuscate the origins or intentions of their cyber operations. It is almost certain that the intelligence services of multiple countries maintain associations with cybercriminals that engage in ransomware schemes. In these mutually beneficial relationships, cybercriminals share stolen data with intelligence services while the intelligence service allows the cybercriminals to operate free from law enforcement.

average ransom payment over time

Ransomware uses to targets the Health Sector!

In 2019 and 2020, many Canadian health organizations have been targeted in ransomware attacks. For example, three Ontario hospitals were the victims of ransomware attacks in October 2019, and a Canadian diagnostic and specialty testing company was compromised by ransomware in December 2019. In early 2020, ransomware also targeted a medical company in Saskatchewan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health sector organizations globally have experienced ransomware attacks, including hospitals and healthcare centers in the Czech Republic, the US, Spain, and Germany. Health sector organizations are popular ransomware targets because they have significant financial resources and network downtime can have life-threatening consequences for patients, increasing the likelihood that victims will pay the ransom.


Cybersecurity Investment

How can you protect your business with a Cybersecurity Investment?

With the help of a professional Cybersecurity Company, you can implement strong strategies to fortify the defenses of your business, such as Penetration Testing, which is a simulated attack to identify the vulnerabilities of your digital assets.

Some solutions are built to protect each aspect of your business just like a watchman does, such as the Rhyno GUARD MDR, which directly protects 24/7 your business against cyber threats.º