Cutting shortcuts, like most things in life, carries a variety of hazards that may come back to haunt you. Designing and hosting a website for your manufacturing business is no different.

Dangers of Free Web Hosting | If you are serious about your website, you must treat it with the care and attention that it requires in order for it to reach its full potential. When looking for a web host, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available, but rest assured that there is one basic guideline that can be implemented in your search:

You get what you pay for. The hazards of free web hosting outweigh the advantages, and here’s why.

Dangers of Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is based on shared hosting, which uses a single server to support numerous websites at the same time. A shared hosting service may accommodate thousands upon thousands of websites, the exact number being contingent upon the hardware that the server employs.

Shared hosting is typically the most cost-effective solution; nevertheless, despite the wide range of pricing and package options, the most affordable plan does not come without drawbacks. The issue that has to be answered is: is it secure?

Since websites tend to share their resources with one another, it’s possible that the performance of the website will suffer as a result. All of the websites that share an IP address will be affected by a denial of service attack if an external DoS is launched against the hosting provider as a whole.

Due to the fact that free hosting is shared, in the event that the web server is hacked, the adversary will be able to discover all of the shared websites by looking in the one directory that is utilized by all of the shared websites.

If a hacker were to breach one website, they would then have access to all of the other websites hosted on that server. An attacker may locate an upload area on any of the shared websites, upload a PHP Reverse Shell or a script, and then get access to the whole directory after doing so.

Putting your content in danger indefinitely

Perhaps the most concerning problem is that free web hosting implies that your site is never completely secure. Again, it all boils down to safety. Free web servers lack the desire and financial resources to offer your website the required security to defend it from virus and spam assaults. This means that you always run the risk of finding yourself in incredibly unfavourable scenarios that can have severe consequences for your business, such as getting locked out of your account, an online invader taking over your website and the threat of harmful viruses infiltrating your computer.

From an SEO standpoint, content marketing is critical to attaining digital marketing success. Free web hosting is vulnerable to being shut down at any time, wasting all of your hard work.

You wouldn’t leave your front door open or unlocked, so why would you do the same with your website?

SEO Suicide | Dangers of Free Web Hosting

Because SEO can make or ruin a website, the sector is predicted to be worth $80 billion by 2020. The higher your website ranking, the more exposure it receives. Free web hosting comes with its own set of SEO pitfalls, such as sluggish website performance, frequent downtime and database failures, inability to utilize essential SEO plugins, and much more. Simply said, Google worships completely optimized and streamlined web pages.

Everything about free hosting websites shouts that your website is everything but that, causing your website to fall farther and further down Google’s search page results.

However, investing some money in quality web hosting will go a long way. If you use WordPress, choosing Onyx.io, for example, gives you all the benefits that free web servers do not offer. It will be able to manage higher levels of traffic, so when you have more clients, your website will be able to handle it.

Furthermore, the more traffic your website can manage, the higher you will climb in the rankings. Rather than remaining on pages 2, 3, or below in the search engines, you may ensure that your website is boosted to page 1 with a premium quality web hosting company. You never know; with the correct SEO strategies in place, you can even find yourself in the top spot for manufacturing enterprises.

Control over design is limited

When it comes to websites, image and appearance are crucial. Because it’s your website, you want to be able to create any design, control any template, and fill in every little detail that will shape it into the style you want. So, guess what? This luxury is not available with free web hosting providers. Instead, they often offer a fairly restricted variety of design templates, making your pages appear just as generic as other websites. You want yours to be noticeable.

Graphics and design limitations aside, additional issues will make your site look amateurish. However, the inability to select a domain name should be enough to get you started, as this process is vital to your brand. One of the basic rules for choosing a domain name includes making it brief and memorable.

Getting more customers through your site is challenging

Free web hosting will not lead you to obtain leads; it will result in a car accident. Since website hosting is free, they have to find other ways to get customers and make money, one of which is advertising. Free web hosting companies state in the fine print their right to advertise on your site as they see fit. , which means the revenue generated by the adverts will go directly into their pockets, not yours.

Having complete control over your website makes it easier to shape your brand’s identity. And having your website cluttered with adverts that are entirely irrelevant to your specialty will only tarnish your image.

Finally, avoid free web hosting if you are serious about your website. You will struggle to achieve your online goals while carrying a heavy burden on your back. On the other hand, paying for quality web hosting won’t break the bank and will help you go a long way.


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