An introductory course to techniques used by pentesters, and cyber security professionals. This goes beyond any defensive learning tutorial!

What are the TCP/IP and UDP protocols? What is a DDoS attack? What kind of DDoS tools are out there?

Discover the difference between SYN, ACK, and HTML Floods.

PLUS: Practical instruction into setting up Kali Linux tools such as, Tor’s Hammer, and HPING3. We also analyze DDoS using top, netstat, and Wireshark. And…

We then set up the right defensive cybersecurity countermeasures using IPTABLES to then learn the different methods for protecting your web applications from hacking and hackers. I hope you enjoy this free learning tutorial!


00:55 – Intro to the Lab

01:50 – What Are TCP, UDP & DDoS?

05:59 – Hulk Setup, Analysis & Defense

19:12 – Tor’s Hammer Setup, Analysis & Defense

28:17 – HPING3 Setup, Analysis & Defense

39:05 – DDoS Defenses & Conclusion

Other Videos to help you set up the lab:

WordPress Website Lab Setup for Pentesting! – Virtual Box, Debian, Kali Linux

EASY WAY to Install Kali Linux on Virtual Box!