Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness is the combination of both knowing and doing something to protect a business’s information assets. When an enterprise’s employees are cybersecurity aware, it means they understand what cyber threats are, the potential impact a cyber-attack will have on their business, and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cyber-crime infiltrating their online workspace.

Your organization’s cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest employee, and a data breach is more likely to come from human negligence rather than a criminal hack. When you strive to create a risk-aware culture within the workplace, you’re preventing your employees from becoming unknowingly complicit in the cyber-crime activity.

Dan Duran of Rhyno Cybersecurity, resplendent in a Super Mario Christmas sweater, talked about how people can stay safe whether shopping or selling online.

What an honor to speak to our community on CBC’s Sounds of the Season about cybersecurity awareness for this holiday season. Unfortunately, the ease and convenience of online shopping make the holiday season the perfect time for cybercriminals to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers. Stay safe my friends and let’s give to the KW Foodbank! #CBCGIVES Thank you for the opportunity CBC/Radio-Canada and Craig Norris

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Conducting training sessions will ensure that employees use approved software, and have strong passwords. You could also look at implementing common-sense practices surrounding technology access and consider adding further levels of protection for staff with multi-factor authentication. This could be something as simple as not letting employees take their laptops home at the weekend, or enforce a two-step verification process.

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Dan Duran and his team at Rhyno Cybersecurity help protect businesses from Cyberattacks via secure cloud solutions and Cybersecurity awareness employee training.