Password Theft

Today, passwords are our modern-day sentry, helping to keep our (technological) properties secure and cyber intruders out. A password should be comprised of a random string of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols used to create a unique password. Passwords are used in combination with a user name to verify your identity on a computer operating system or website, which then grants you access to log onto your computer or into your account online while denying access to others who do not have the password. In essence, your password is your own personal sentry.

Password use is nothing new, for centuries mankind has been using passwords as a means of protection, protecting the castle from intruders is one example that comes to mind and makes a good metaphor for the present; sentries posted at the castle gate would only allow those seeking entry into the castle walls if they knew the watchword. That metaphor is a perfect example of exactly what a password is meant to do for our computer operating system and user accounts today, keeping unwanted intruders out.


If you have used your password for more than one website, you should:


  • Change your password on every site you have used the stolen password for. If the password was for your email it is highly recommended that you change the password on all your accounts, especially ones that contain payment information such as your bank, utilities, Paypal, and the like.


  • Contact the companies you suspect may have been accessed with your stolen password and maintain a record of who you spoke to and when.


  • Notify your friends and family (contacts) that your account has been compromised and tell them to be wary of any emails seemingly from you containing links or schemes or asking for personally identifiable information.


  • Monitor your credit card and bank statements very carefully for any unusual charges or activity.


  • Get a free credit report to make sure there have been no new accounts, loans, or negative activity on your report.


  • Create new unique strong passwords for each site you change your password on.

How can you protect your business with a Cybersecurity Investment?

Avoid Password theft with the help of a professional Cybersecurity Company, you can implement strong strategies to fortify the defenses of your business, such as Penetration Testing, which is a simulated attack to identify the vulnerabilities of your digital assets.

Some solutions are built to protect each aspect of your business just like a watchman does, such as the Rhyno GUARD MDR, which directly protects 24/7 your business against cyber threats.º