We are all aware that social media benefits the companies that own and manage them. For example, we know that the goal is to attract and hold our attention for extended periods of time. However, we may not be aware that thieves are also utilizing social media to perpetrate identity theft.

Social Media Identity Theft | Identity thieves can use social media to acquire access to email accounts, financial accounts, and other sorts of accounts. The thieves can then conduct fraudulent transactions.

Here’s all you need to know:

Understanding Identity Theft on Social Media

Identity theft can happen to anyone, although it is more common in financial and medical information. So far, it has been difficult to explain why personal identity theft has reached such alarming proportions. But one thing is certain: it has a lot to do with the emergence and spread of social media.

When you take a look at social media, you will see that there is a lot about it that is just not ideal for personal privacy. For example, several of the main social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to connect with anyone. However, that’s only one of the major issues.

How Criminals Steal Identities Using Social Media

Criminals engage in the following activities on social media:

  • They use it to create fake profiles to contact their victims’ friends, relatives, and other contacts. These profiles can potentially be used to access sensitive financial and other personal information.
  • They use it to access public accounts and profiles, such as blogs or corporate accounts, and then use that information to perpetrate identity theft.
  • They create seemingly benign communications that contain malicious links that, if clicked, download malware and gain access to victims’ systems. They exploit this information to take the identities of their victims.

How Your Social Media Habits May Endanger Your Identity

It’s much easier for criminals to steal your identity if you utilize social media incorrectly. For example, you might use social media to provide information about your locations and activities. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for crooks to learn where you live and when you’re not home.

They can also use this information to discover information about your family and friends. Having access to this information allows them to plan the most efficient way to take your identity.

Furthermore, even if you post pictures to social media that were taken while out and about, they may reveal enough of your surroundings to assist them in committing identity theft. For example, a thief may mimic you and take your identity if you post pictures of yourself at the beach or a restaurant.

How to Avoid Identity Theft on Social Media

Here are some strategies for avoiding identity theft on social media:

  • Always ensure your privacy settings are tight and you have complete control over who may see your profile.
  • Unused social media profiles should be deactivated or deleted.
  • Check your contact or friend list regularly and trim as needed.
  • Disable auto-location tagging.
  • Avoid taking online tests or questionnaires.
  • Be wary of employment offers and other chances.
  • Always use unique passwords and password managers to keep them secure.
  • Select security questions that no one else will be able to answer.
  • Set up two-factor authentication.
  • Connecting your social media to third-party apps should be avoided.
  • Check for recent sign-ins and require strange devices to sign out.
  • Keep an eye on your credit and internet accounts for any indications of fraud.
  • Purchase identity theft protection services.

Social networking is meant to be enjoyable, but it also has a dark side. Identity theft is a serious problem, particularly for business owners whose identities could be used to deceive others into purchasing from their “companies.” In addition, other cybercrimes, such as brand misuse, might occur when identity theft occurs. Thus it is critical that you prevent it at all costs.


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