Types of Insider Threats

An insider threat is a security risk that originates within the targeted organization. This doesn’t mean that the actor must be a current employee or officer in the organization. They could be a consultant, former employee, business partner, or board member.

Insiders have the capabilities, motivations, and privileges needed to steal important data – which makes it a CISO’s job to identify and build a defense against all of those attack vectors.

Anyone who has insider knowledge and/or access to the organization’s confidential data, IT, or network resources is a potential insider threat.

  • Second StreamersThey are employees that misuse critical information to generate additional income.


  • Disgruntled EmployeesCurrent or former employees that commit sabotage or steal information.


  • Inadvertent Insiders

    It’s just employee negligence caused by accidents, the most common insider.


  • Persistent Non-RespondersSome senior executives are the less trained members of an organization, they are the perfect target of social engineering scams.


Digital Warning Signs 

  • Downloading or accessing substantial amounts of data
  • Accessing sensitive data not associated with their job function
  • Accessing data that is outside of their unique behavioral profile
  • Multiple requests for access to resources not associated with their job function
  • Using unauthorized storage devices (e.g., USB drives or floppy disks)
  • Network crawling and searches for sensitive data
  • Data hoarding, copying files from sensitive folders
  • Emailing sensitive data outside the organization

How can you protect your business from Insider threats with a Cybersecurity Investment?

Avoid Password theft with the help of a professional Cybersecurity Company, you can implement strong strategies to fortify the defenses of your business, such as Penetration Testing, which is a simulated attack to identify the vulnerabilities of your digital assets.

Some solutions are built to protect each aspect of your business just like a watchman does, such as the Rhyno GUARD MDR, which directly protects 24/7 your business against cyber threats.º

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